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Cayeux-sur-mer : laisse de mer

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I find so many vase fillers. I have a love/hate relationship with them.

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in today’s Guardian: “The harsh reality: Donald Trump does mean Europe harm” by Natalie Nougayrède ……… …’Trump’s mixture of hostility and indifference to the European project, its trading power and its liberal, democratic values, is hardly news – just as his hatred for Merkel is no secret. But with the early signs of a trade war, and the growing evidence of the president’s disdain for Britain’s predicament just when transatlantic empathy was expected, we see his estrangement from historical norms in sharp focus. Whether Europe can stay unified in the face of this perilous environment will be a pivotal question. Add it up: the risks for Europe if the Iran deal unravels; the costs of a trade confrontation; Trump’s indifference to Russia’s apparent use of a chemical weapon in Europe; and now the firing of Tillerson, and you end up with a gathering crisis of sobering magnitude – worse than the US-Europe rift of 2003 over Iraq. We may yet think fondly of the days when the worst he did was tweet.’ #brexitatthewrongtime #weneedtheUK #dontleaveeuropenow #theEUisnottheenemy

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Morning walk #snail

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Special eyes (1/3) This exceptional trilobite is a Lochovella deckeri from the Lower Devonian (~419 million years ago) of the Haragan Formation: Clarita, Oklahoma. The Lochovella are rare, representing one of the two least-common Phacopina trilobites. The Lochovella (also known as Reedpos) belong to the Phacopina (a suborder of the Phacopida order). The unique feature that separates the Phacopina from all other trilobites are the large and separately set lenses without a common cornea of the compound eye. This style of eye is known as a Schizochroal eye. (Specimen length ~15 mm) #geology #geologyrocks #rocks #rockstar #palaeontology #biology #macro #fossiladdict #fossils #trilobite #trilobites #devonian #limestone #sedimentary #naturalworld #ancient #ocean #sea #haragan #clarita #oklahoma #usa #america #blackandwhite #macro #rockaroundtheclock #rockandahardplace #getyourrocksoff #maddenthings #schoolofrock

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