▪ Faible activité little HAARP action going on today… What a #strangelookingcloud #geoengineering #haarp #chemtrails #weathermodification ▪ Forte pulvérisation/vaporisation aujourd'hui, heavy spraying over today too… Really thick and wide très épaisse et large spraying after a completely clear day 6am – 1pm. It’s quite rare we see natural skies anymore, voir des ciels naturels devient rare, really sad isn’t it… #pleasepayattention #openyoureyes #needaccountability #pleaseunderstand #beaware #askquestions #knowwhy #standup #letsfigurethisout #protestthis #bringingattention #pleasecare #notice ▪ La traînée principale provient d'un seul avion, that main trail is just from one plane but they fly close together to join together, en flottant si près elles se rejoignent, this enabling them to combine, elles se combinent and spread elles se propagent… You’ll have see the chequered patterns too? Vous aurez aussi remarqué les motifs en damier… ▪ So that's what the trails that are fanned out mean? C'est donc ça cet étalement? Cette dispersion, je me demandais, I wondered why they do that. It's just a result of the 2 working together? And they continue to get away with this every day, on se demande comment les ciels s’en tirent… #electromagnetic #microwave #flooding #snow #cold #chemicals #refrigerant #flu #sick #wearamask #chemtrails, non pas un projet, plutôt ce que sur Instagram on appelle #takeover. Comment on se laisse prendre donc, how we get caught and carried away, comment sur le sujet a topic on s’emballe. Chaque jour un post sur Instagram comblera le désir partagé de publication. A daily post on Instagram will fill the shared desire for publication. ▪ Pas ma photo not my photo but worth a share fais passer #hashtagporn

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▪ Quelqu'un d'autre a anyone else has bad headache mal de tête today? #sinus #barometricpressure #sick #flu #widespreadpanic #headache ▪ Looking up at this horrendous skyline is so difficult, regarder cette ligne de ciel horrible est si difficile. Dans la lutte et la sensibilisation nous recevons de nombreux soutiens, we have a lot of support fighting this and raising awareness but mais nous avons besoin de tellement plus we need so much more. ▪ My eyes are bothering me, mes yeux me gênent. All the pollution, dust, chemicals in the air. C'est dans l'air la pollution. ▪ Depuis un mois j'ai chopé une toux bizarre, I’ve had an unnatural, chesty cough for about 4 weeks now, I can’t seem to budge it, de poitrine, je n’arrive pas à la faire passer. Toutes ces saloperies qui tombent du ciel, all that crap falling from the skies though, it has got to be, ça doit être ça. ▪ Headaches can also be caused by all the #5G towers they are now putting up, les antennes 5G qu’ils installent maintenant, la wifi, Wi-Fi, microwaves, cell phones, computers. ▪ The sad reality people really don't care. They won't believe but they will question their #health but still be in denial about true reason why. #copyandpaste #follow La triste réalité c’est que les gens s'en fichent, ils n’y croient pas, leur état de santé les questionne mais ils demeurent dans le déni. ▪ Just #contrails. Enough to worry about, les traînées de condensation, c'est déjà assez préoccupant but you, vous faites diversion you divert the attention from this problem. Contrails are the rule, les traînées de condensation sont la règle, les traînées chimiques une distraction, #chemtrails the exception. Meteorologist of public tv told us that there would be ‘high clouds’, 'nuages d'altitude' a annoncé la météo, but did not mention their main cause, sans préciser leur origine #airtraffic #airtravel. Contrails = #aviationsmog #weatherlies #hashtagporn Pas une entreprise, not an undertaking, it's a #takeover, c’est une prise de contrôle. ▪ C'est de la pulvérisation de traînées chimiques lourdes. This is heavy #chemtrail #spraying, creating a massive haze une brume massive in the sky. It’s as simple as that aussi simple que ça.

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▪ L’ombre grandissante the big chemical shadow on the chemtrails curtain de la couverture chimique qui va s'épaississant entre le soleil et nous covering our poor earth… LAISSEZ-LA LET HER BREATHE!! ▪ All Mother Earth wants for Mother's Day is someone to come by and vacuum up quelqu’un pour passer un coup d’aspirateur / faire le vide #toomuchtoask #sheneedsspace #letusbreathe #bringbackblueskies ▪ Slowly killing our skies ils tuent nos ciels à petit feu. Pour qui lève un peu les yeux, for people looking up today, this is the new norm. This the new porn #skyporn #trailporn. C’est la norme aujourd'hui. C'est devenu le ciel normal. C'est le #porn du jour, c'est le film qu’on se fait, il filme le jour. Il tient à nous it’s up to us to convince them d’influer otherwise… C’est à nous de les convaincre, sinon… ▪ Quelque chose d’un film d’horreur Like something from a horror movie Comme tiré d’un film d’horreur Comment le sujet prend l'ascendant et sur qui. How is a topic taking the ascendancy over who? Chaque jour un post sur Instagram comblera mon désir partagé de will fill my shared/dividing desire for publication. Every day brings me closer to publicity. Chaque jour j’approche la publicité. ▪ Good bye sun Le soleil va te faire voir… Très mauvaise journée pour les ciels qui se sont fait agonir, the skies got battered today — a really bad day, c'est encore pas le bon jour. ▪ Chaque jour a son lot d'atterrissages et de décollages. A lot of incoming and outgoing planes are circulating. There is enough evidence. La preuve est faite. Le ciel est cuit, ruiné par the sky is battered by #airtraffic creating #airsmog le trafic aérien polluant l’air. ▪ It’s worldwide they spray the whole earth. L’épandage mondial est planétaire. #chemtrailsworldwide Les hashtags font-ils image? Do #hashtags supply images? #hashtagporn Ce que les mots me font, ce que les mots me font croire et où ils m'emmènent #unsafe words un#safeword What the words do to me and what they make me do #makebelieve ▪ #geoengineering They proclaimed it was to shield us from the sun, que c'était pour nous protéger du soleil. L'éveil des consciences the rising #awareness…

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Cayeux-sur-mer : laisse de mer

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I find so many vase fillers. I have a love/hate relationship with them.

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in today’s Guardian: “The harsh reality: Donald Trump does mean Europe harm” by Natalie Nougayrède ……… …’Trump’s mixture of hostility and indifference to the European project, its trading power and its liberal, democratic values, is hardly news – just as his hatred for Merkel is no secret. But with the early signs of a trade war, and the growing evidence of the president’s disdain for Britain’s predicament just when transatlantic empathy was expected, we see his estrangement from historical norms in sharp focus. Whether Europe can stay unified in the face of this perilous environment will be a pivotal question. Add it up: the risks for Europe if the Iran deal unravels; the costs of a trade confrontation; Trump’s indifference to Russia’s apparent use of a chemical weapon in Europe; and now the firing of Tillerson, and you end up with a gathering crisis of sobering magnitude – worse than the US-Europe rift of 2003 over Iraq. We may yet think fondly of the days when the worst he did was tweet.’ #brexitatthewrongtime #weneedtheUK #dontleaveeuropenow #theEUisnottheenemy

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Morning walk #snail

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Special eyes (1/3) This exceptional trilobite is a Lochovella deckeri from the Lower Devonian (~419 million years ago) of the Haragan Formation: Clarita, Oklahoma. The Lochovella are rare, representing one of the two least-common Phacopina trilobites. The Lochovella (also known as Reedpos) belong to the Phacopina (a suborder of the Phacopida order). The unique feature that separates the Phacopina from all other trilobites are the large and separately set lenses without a common cornea of the compound eye. This style of eye is known as a Schizochroal eye. (Specimen length ~15 mm) #geology #geologyrocks #rocks #rockstar #palaeontology #biology #macro #fossiladdict #fossils #trilobite #trilobites #devonian #limestone #sedimentary #naturalworld #ancient #ocean #sea #haragan #clarita #oklahoma #usa #america #blackandwhite #macro #rockaroundtheclock #rockandahardplace #getyourrocksoff #maddenthings #schoolofrock

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